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Internal apps are only supported on AppTotal Premium

Please note that AppTotal Community only supports third-party Atlassian apps. Internal apps are supported on AppTotal Premium.

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Atlassian Export Script

Atlassian doesn't have a straightforward way of exporting a list of Client IDs of all apps connected to your environment.

The Canonic's AppTotal team prepared a dedicated script we share with clients to help them extract the Client IDs. You should reach out to your contact at Canonic to get the script.
Please generate an API token and read the instructions in the header before running the script. The output should include app ids in a CSV.

# This script will extract app IDs for Atlassian JWT apps and OAuth apps, and export to a CSV file "atlassian_app_ids.csv"
# Please insert the following values before running the script:
# Create an API token here
# username = "[email protected]"