How to find apps on Google


Search limitations for Google apps

AppTotal community search results by app name are limited to 3 apps. In some cases, Google only provides a partial app identifier called GCP ID (Google Cloud Project ID). AppTotal Premium supports search by name and GCP ID.

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Google Workspace Admin Console

Google Workspace admins can find all the third-party apps connected to their Google environment by going to App Access Control.

Google Account Security

Any Google user can find the apps with access to his account on the [account security settings and information] ( There you'll find the list of apps with access to your Google account data and apps using your Google account for sign-in. Copy the app name and search for it on AppTotal.

Gmail Activity Information

On your private / corporate Gmail mailbox, you can find apps accessed your Gmail mailbox. Go to your Gmail inbox, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the “Details” button.